“(the viability of the church in a culture that is saturated with a thousand other voices) involves contextualization and “disenculturalization” at the same time. You speak in a way that the culture understands as you challenge that very culture.”

This quote stimulated my thinking.

How engaged should I be with art and pop culture? I understand that in southern California Pop culture is the main “watering hole” that all ages can speak to. Especially college students. Obviously, we can not use our freedom as a means for the flesh, and to gauge weather you are watching discerningly or self-deceptively will ultimately be decided at the Great White Throne judgment. I want to surround myself with faithful friends wo are on both sides of the argumentation to both help me discern and to push by man fearing. All of that to say, I ran across this quote today from Tim Lane that helps me compass my thinking even more the goal of being (pop) culturaly relevant.

2 responses to “Relevant

  1. is the quote from a book…

  2. See! I do read your blog.

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