Pursuit of Good Things

Most unbelievers I have talked with (including just recently) claim that they are happy and describe “good” things to define it. The reality is that the “good” in “good things” comes from the giver not the gift. Only in its proper place within the redemptive plan of God does the “good things” of family, money, sex and motorcycles become truly enjoyable and not defining. Only through supernatural insights can an appetite be transformed to enjoy the goodness of a particular thing while not disturbing the hunger for the “greatest thing”.

This takes daily discipline and devotion to center the heart to “seek and savor” that which is goodness and truth.

That’s one of the reasons I am drawn to prayer and scripture is to cultivate a heart that can enjoy, discern, and promote what is good and true.

4 responses to “Pursuit of Good Things

  1. Joe! Thanks for passing along the link. I hope lots of people will be edified through this.

  2. i know you’re really busy so i can’t be too demanding…

    but i’d like it a lot if you updated more…

  3. I do want to update it more. I was thinking about at least once a week. I was thinking about Sundays.

    Thanks for being the only one who looks at this blog miriam!

  4. sounds good to me…

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