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Keeping the dream alive

Still havent forgotten

Keeping the dream alive

Once I finish my DMIN project I will commit to posting every week

Techno Baby

This week I have been staying at home helping with the transition of baby BOY number three. So the majority of my days (and nights) have consisted of feeding. changing, disciplining, and organizing. Shopping and preparing food in the midst of infant world can be challenging. The reason being, that you are living your days in three hour blocks. You see, the baby feeds every four hours and it takes an hour to Feburpange (feed/burp/change)…thus three hours. So I have researched and consulted and found the way to buy groceries. Vons  has an at home delivery service for $10. Are you kidding me..$10. I would pay a freshman in Slight at least $15 to be my personal shopper while I avoid the enevitable “put that down, don’t tuch that, come here” montra. But what about my beloved Costco? That is where the new Sam’s Clubcomes in…or as my first born calls it “my club.” You can do on-line shopping and they will set the whole thing aside and you can pick it up and pay for it a customer service. At the same time they also sell gas for 3.30 a gallon and open until 10pm. This means that Heidi can do all the shopping during naptime/or evening time and not haul the tres hombres all around the SCV. long live the internet age…knowing my luck my next post will be proclaiming my woes about identity theft. Untill that day I my family is fully techno baby.


I think that masters is a great place.

Sanctifying the Common

A TMC Alumni sent me this Justin Taylor link about Martin Luther’s take on changing diapers for the glory of God .

There is a false dichotomy between the sacred and the secular. To say that one activity is more “spiritual” than another is to regulate the dominion of Christ to particular arenas and not to give Him lordship over every area of life. It has always been about the heart attitude (Prov 4) employed toward a particular activity that validates its spiritual authenticity. To be sure, I am not talking about anything that is prohibited in the bible and clearly sinful…rather I am talking about redeeming the ordinary moments of life for the glory of God. It is the small acts of faith done in the everyday moments of life that creates a sanctifying ripple effect into all areas of the spiritual life. This is the practical expression of the christian worldview….not just that you can discern through humanistic rhetoric, but to discern what car to buy. The christian life is one that acquires biblical understanding and can practically apply it to everyday moments in everyday life.

Summer Jobs

Enjoy this article in the L.A. Times I read while getting my car washed yesterday….In honor of our beloved SCV “amusement” park, summer jobs, and Nate Busenitz who (as legend has it) also grew up while serving an over priced hamburger.